Hello dear readers! welcome to another section of our tutorial on PHP. In this tutorial guide, we will be comparing core PHP and the PHP Framework to discover which is better for development.

Let us assume Core PHP means solving Mathematical problem by making use of paper and pen while framework simply means solving a Mathematical problem by using a calculator.

Core PHP - In context to solving Mathematical problem

Only some few students can attain results using paper and pen, so as to PHP. Only few developers can write codes in an easy and reliable format.

PHP Framework — In context to solving Mathematical problem

Every body can achieve the result by using the calculator as same as PHP. Even beginners can write the code in easy and reliable format.

The main problem with core PHP is when developers write their own logic, it is difficult to make it out for the result, so many developers are now choosing frameworks.


Most of the innovative frameworks are reliable, consistent, and finally a time saver. Many of the advance frameworks are having the rich set of functionalities, so no developer needs to write the entire code. The developers only needs access to the code making use of framework and then developing a PHP web application. Note that frameworks do not give solutions for bad code writers, but it gives reliability while writing code.

Every one now wants to move into advanced technologies. If any web application is built by using core PHP, then its difficult to enhance the components of the website, on the other hand if a web application is built in PHP framework, then its very easy to enhance the features.

Has Core PHP Been Bad?

Core PHP is not bad at all. It helps you write and as well understand the code, if you are a beginner in PHP, we strongly advise that you to learn the core PHP, because we do not want to see you as a very bad developer. According to the world theory, “easy always gives the best result with a strong base”. As per the world theory, if you know core PHP, you can achieve your goals by using PHP framework.

Alright guys! This is where we are rounding up for this tutorial post. In our next tutorial guide, we are going to be discussing about PHP Design Patterns.

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